Wow they look sharp! They look like a factory hubcap but better. Makes the wheels look larger as well as more premium. Excellent choice in my opinion!

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Hey all!

So I just wanted to share this in case anyone is looking to replace their stock hubcaps with something a bit nicer. I've been looking online for something to replace my 2015's stockers (which are pretty awful in my opinion) for about a year now. I had a few criteria.

-They had to be modern looking
-They had to hide the steel wheel very well
-They had to be relatively affordable

And finally I found something that fit my criteria perfectly. Using the search terms "Alloy look wheel trim" on google, I happened across an eBay listing in the UK for these babies. There were no reviews on these, but I decided I liked the look of them so much I would take the risk...and I am not at all disappointed!!

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This particular set came with silicone badges for a Skoda, which is a Czech car brand. I did not see any with a Mitsubishi center badges listed for sale however they may be available. They came on a sticker sheet and I decided to affix them because I think they look pretty cool. A Peugeot badge would look pretty sweet also and was my second choice. I will likely buy some Mitsu ones as soon as I find a set that aren't chrome look. The covers are constructed of pretty thick plastic and have a nice heft to them compared to the OE covers. They also fit very snugly, even better than the OE ones. I do not see them coming off without a major impact to the wheel.

Anyways...if you guys/gals like these and would like to purchase a set, I purchased mine form seller 25elvin25 on I believe the brand is TFS..and the model of this particular style is the Cyrkon 14". There are other styles that are available that are also good looking. I've found ones similar to mine, but with a gloss finish, as well as with an inverted color scheme (Silver on the inner parts and black for the 'spokes').

Cost was about $38 for the wheel covers, and $25 for the shipping. And from this seller shipping was pretty fast...about 11 days from UK to California. A bit pricey compared to 'Autozone' hubcaps, but worth it IMO for someone looking to upgrade the look of their car without buying alloys.

Let me know what you guys think.