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Thread: DIY: Heated Outside Mirrors Retrofit

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    2018 ES 5sp

    I was taking my door panels off so I was curious if this mod would work for me.
    For reference I have a 2018 ES 5sp WITHOUT Heated seats and mirror signals but I DO HAVE the wiring for heated seats.

    First inspection showed the pigtail on the door is missing both of the extra wires as stated by OP.
    I decided to follow the loom into the car and under the dash and see if maybe it would be back there.
    With both sides the loom splits into 2 pig tails and upon inspecting these I only found a single extra pin on one of the pigtails.

    On the LH side the extra pin is a red wire and on the RH side it is a brown wire.

    I would be curious to know if this is for the turn signal light or something else going to the door.

    Unfortunately I would need to take the dash off to follow the wires more.

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    My '14 had heated mirrors. To this day I'm still not sure what build it was. It was sold and titled as an ES but came with climate control, alloys, heated seats and bluetooth, rear seat vents and more stuff I forgot about. Is that build an ES Plus? It was a 5MT.

    I think my new to me '14 SE has heated mirrors, they seemed warm when I was testing out the various electrical junk before I made the decision to buy it. I plan to electrify my '17 mirrors at some point.
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    So, doing a little investigation on my new 2019 SE model, it's prewired for heated mirrors. The heated glass I bought will actually get a home now!
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    And... no success. The wiring is there in the door but no power goes to it when you turn on the rear defroster. Dang nabbit! I tried looking at the 2015 wiring schematic and saw the pin on one of the connectors is supposed to supply the power to the mirrors but i tried to check that and no power comes from there, either. I'm at a loss now without a wiring chart for a 2019...
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    Okay, so I figured it out. The car dash is not wired for the heated mirrors. I had some connectors I scavenged out of some junkyard cars and I added a pin to the top center connector of the fuse box (according to the wiring diagram for a 2015) and then ran the wire to the unused wire with no pin on the door harness connector and now my driver door has a heated mirror. I need to scavenged some more pins from the junkyard so it can be almost factory quality and running a wire across the dashboard will be a treat but it's happening fo' sho'!

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