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Thread: 3A92 engine parts history (changes over the years)

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    3A92 engine parts history (changes over the years)

    So, I was nerding it up today and digging through a Mitsu parts distributor's site. I decided to copy and paste their parts list into excel and see exactly what changed over the years. For those who want to know the inner workings of things so you can do future upgrades, or upgrades when components wear out, etc. its quite interesting.

    - Mid year (4/1/14) new engine mount strut. #4 on the diagram.
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    - Mid year (4/1/14) new front crank (front main) seal. #5 on the diagram.
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    - No changes.

    - New transmission mount. It now has a separate part number for auto and maunal trans. #8 on the diagram.
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    - New roller camshafts. Intake camshaft is new for the auto and manual. The exhaust camshaft is new for the auto, but the exhaust camshaft is the same for the manual. #16 and 17 on the diagram.

    - An image from a 2017 automatic engine.

    - New timing chain.
    Quote Originally Posted by 3dplane View Post
    there are a lot more efficiency changes in the engine like ... the timing chain inner link plates are made to "stick out" little bumps to reduce friction rubbing on the guides vs.the 'old' design where the entire edge of the chain assembly is rubbing on the guides.

    - New front cover. #22 on the diagram.
    - New control valve solenoid. #24 on the diagram.
    - New piston. Assumed to have added an anti-friction coating on the skirts. #26 on the diagram.
    - New piston ring. Added DLC (diamond like carbon) coating.

    - New crankshaft bearings. Assumed to have added an anti-friction coating. #29 on the diagram.
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    - Mid year (8/17) new mass air flow sensor. #12 on the diagram. Added o-ring as separate part number for sensor. #11 on the diagram.
    - New resonator for automatic transmission. Now separate part numbers for auto/manual. #16 on the diagram.
    - Added an air guide and clip (these parts were absent on previous years). #20 and 21 on the diagram.
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    - New exhaust manifold with integrated catalytic converter (cat).
    2014 -2015
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    2017 -

    - New oxygen sensors, upper and lower are new. Upper at least is now a linear air fuel sensor instead of traditional O2 sensor. Auto and manual have different part numbers too.

    Parts list:

    Green highlighting indicates a change.

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