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Thread: Pinche Carro :: 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES (Garage entry)

  1. General Information
    Pinche Carro
    Mirage ES
    Sapphire Blue

    Ebay aftermarket glass foglights w/ amber Lamin-X "impact-resistant" film. Replaced after breakage of one from a rock strike.


    Texas legal window tint. I believe it's 25% on the front door windows, and regular limo around the back, with a limo eye brow.


    Factory Pushbutton Start, Bluetooth, steering wheel controls. ie; ES goodies


    Gas-sipping factory Mitsu sewing machine


    All factory. Wouldn't mind some additional travel in the suspension though, for the occasional random speed bump or pot hole.


    Slightly oversized... will update with exact size and model info.
    Update - Barum Brillantis 2 - 175/65/14

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