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Thread: Swarthy :: 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage DE (Garage entry)

  1. General Information
    Mirage DE
    5 speed

    1/18 - Coroplast grill block
    6/18 - MirageForum decal
    8/18 - LED running lights

    12/17 - Scangauge II
    6/18 - 3d printed SGII mount

    1/18 - Rear sway bar

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    Supply & demand!

    Mother Nature supplies cold weather, Amazon demands more $.


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    I did a very quick warm air intake (WAI) on Tuesday night. I had a piece of 3" aluminum flexible dryer ducting laying around, but it was quite a bit shorter than I had hoped. I wasn't able to route it around to the exhaust side of the engine. So, instead I went to the radiator. And, it didn't even make it too far down either. The lower part of the radiator warms up first as that is the way the coolant flows into it. However, the whole thing took me about 10 minutes to make and install.

    How does it function? Not all that well. It takes half the trip to work to even start getting warm. The highest temperature I saw was ~25F above ambient with 20F being much more common. If I use heat with any real aggressiveness, I'm sure it probably wouldn't do much of anything since you have to wait until the thermostat opens up to get any WAI heat. So, its not a great design and will have to be improved upon!

    Here is a picture I took in the dark.

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    Custom Mirage products: Cruise control kit, Glove box light, MAF sensor housing, Rear sway bar

    Current project: Alternator delete with regen braking modification


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