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Last night, while continuing my heater core flush I also took the opportunity to install my Kats 1000W circulating tank block heater. I had this block heater installed on my 1999 Chevy Metro and it was absolutely wonderful. Once the heater was turned on, it would only take about a half hour to get the engine coolant temp to over 100F.

What I do to make it super easy for me, is I attach the block heater to a wireless remote switch like you would use for Christmas lights or something like that. When I come home at night, I plug it in. In the morning I turn it on just a bit before I go. I unplug when I go to leave. At that point, the time to get heat is nearly nothing.

I mounted it on the lower part of the radiator. Not an ideal spot as there is long hose runs, but I couldn't find another place for it. It has to be mounted low in comparison to the rest of the engine as it works via natural convection.

Here it is with the hoses routed.
Hey Daox where did you tie in this heater? Sorry if you already mentioned this but Fummins' thread on the CVT heat exchanger leak reminded me of your heater installation. I wonder if the CVT heat exchanger circuit would be useful for your heater. Probably not as it would only heat the coolant in the radiator.