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Thread: Power retractable roof on 2017 Mitsubishi Space Star Edition 100!

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    I suspect if the dealer installs it you might be without your car for a few days vs. a dedicated mod shop that could have it done in a morning. JMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AladdinSane View Post
    Howdy all...Where in my area, zip code 11367 (Queens, New York) can I have this precise power retractable roof installed? Wow! This is great!!! What would the cost of this be? Just curious. Does anyone think a Mitsubishi dealer's service department would be able to install such a roof into a new '18 Mirage GT? Please inform. I sure would appreciate it. Many thanks...Peace...♐
    Go to Webasto's website. They have an installer locator based on zip code. This is not something a regular dealer service department can do. Webasto makes top quality products, in fact many sunroofs installed at factories are actually made by Webasto and then shipped to the factory for installation. Their products are designed to not interfere with side airbags, however the roof structure would not include additional bracing like it would from the factory so it would be weakened compared to a solid roof. I would expect a roof like this to cost between $1000-1400 installed. I got a quote for a smaller glass Webasto roof to be installed on my Fiat for I believe $1200.

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