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Thread: Developing a cruise control kit - now for sale!

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    Developing a cruise control kit - now for sale!

    I would like to add cruise control to my 2014 Mirage DE. So, I read this thread that explains how to do it. I'll summarize it up because its a long thread. You basically need to:

    - Install an 2014-15 Mirage ES, 2017 SE / GT, or Outlander steering wheel with controls
    - If its an Outlander steering wheel, you need to solder in new resistors for it to work right
    - Install a brake pedal switch
    - Install a clutch pedal switch (if you have a manual trans)
    - Get a mini VCI cable
    - Download etacs decoder software
    - Have a laptop to program the etacs computer (using the mini vci cable and etacs decoder software) to enable the cruise settings

    If you add this all up, the cost is really not unreasonable. However, the process is not all that straight forward. So, I would like to simplify the process and also make it cheaper. I'm not sure how many people would be interested in a kit like this, but if you are please post and let me know.

    With all that out of the way, lets get on with how we are going to do it!

    First off, I am not going to use the fancy ES steering wheel. I will be keeping the DE wheel in place. That means I won't have steering wheel controls / switches, and thus I'll have to recreate them elsewhere. I am currently thinking that I can put all the controls on the dashboard by the mirror adjustment. There are blanking plates that you can pop out, and I can 3d print new plates to install with the switches mounted to the plate.

    To get a visual, I have modeled up a rough idea of what this might look like. It still needs work as there are too many 3d printed parts here. I need to combine them into less pieces. However, its a start.

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    Again, if you're interested in something like this, please post and let me know. It does change the way the kit is designed if its just for me, or if I am developing it for others. For example, I'm comfortable soldering and cutting wires, but a lot of people aren't, or they just don't want to do it on their brand new car..
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