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Thread: Rear drum brake removal/replacement: An introduction

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    To answer a couple of the questions.. I did have the drums off my car and it does indeed have star wheel adjusters. My assumption is all '17 and up have this setup.
    I see no reason for the overadjust issue. All seems right in there.
    As for the dealership there's not another in 350 miles so I'm stuck with them.
    Brakes worn out at 76,000 km is well short of expectation IMO. Certainly considering almost entirely highway use. Though the low cost and ease of replacement make it acceptable.
    I will try to source the right shoes as a Lancer part though. Thanks for that info.
    Now we'll see how far the aftermarkets go.

    Will weld for beer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Top_Fuel View Post
    That would make sense. Like you said...very few people with 2017s have had their drums off.

    For what it's worth, my 2015 was built in December 2015 and does not have star wheel adjusters.
    That is actually a very helpful data point. If your '15 does not have star adjusters, then I don't think any of them would. I don't believe Mitsubishi made the '15s into calendar year 2016, especially since the '17s started hitting the lots about 2 1/2 months later.

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