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Thread: And suddenly I need a new engine!?

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    UPDATE: New engine for 2018 Mirage.
    Got an update from the dealer that they are still a month+ away from receiving the new engine. I guess it's sitting on a slow boat in the Suez Canal!
    I really think the problem is that I have a 2018 model with the updated(2017) engine, and there is not enough claims on the newer engine (yet) to keep them in the parts pipeline. I could be wrong about this, but I'm not aware of 2017 engine replacements. Maybe one on this forum?
    Anyhow, yesterday I pulled out my Kymco 175cc scooter that has been parked since my stroke in 2016. I charged up the battery and the sucker started right up! God bless fuel injection. Took it for a long ride....drives like new. Anyway it's good to have transportation again even if it's limited to 55-65mph and weather dependent!

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    Wow, that sucks. I'd ask for a loaner. 2 wheels isn't really an option here yet. I haven't heard of a 2017 or newer failure yet.


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