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Thread: 2013 Mitsubishi Space Star Cleartec Intense 1.0L (Garage entry)

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    Space Star Cleartec Intense 1.0L

    As I bought this car 2nd hand, and Google can't tell me which features this model is supposed to have, I'll just list all features which are not default on each Mirage, AFAIK
    - Keyless entry
    - Auto stop&go
    - Airco
    - Climate control
    - 'Normal radio', no fancy gui
    - 4 speakers, one in each door
    - All windows powered
    - Outside mirror heating
    - Manual passenger airbag off switch
    - Fog lights front and rear
    - Automatic windshield wiper
    - Automatic lights
    - Daylight lights, which are on if the lights are off. I think these are the same as the fog lights, maybe dimmed. The light is very white, so maybe it are leds. AFAIK there is no way to turn them off.

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    Hello Space Wolf and welcome to the forum.

    Regarding your model and configuration, I have had success finding details from Mitsubishi's website. Check the Mitsubishi website for your market for manuals and more info.


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    Welcome to the site.

    Lets see some pictures of the Space Star.

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