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Thread: Fan airflow Climate control vs. Manual AC

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    Fan airflow Climate control vs. Manual AC

    Now that the heating issue is getting somewhere I thought I'd ask about the fans on the units. Does the manual AC unit and the Climate control unit have the same fan part #? (I wouldn't know where to look for this)

    I think the 8 speeds of the climate control unit is far better in terms of granularity but something tells me the climate control fan has a higher CFM, perhaps 20% higher?

    Does anyone have a small anemometer they care to use to check the airflow?

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    They did change the actual fan part number in 2017 in the US. Is that because they dropped the auto climate control from the base model? I doubt it because 2017 SE model (ES is base) has auto climate control.

    2014-2015 fan PN: 7802A249
    2017 fan PN: 7802A247

    It is interesting to note that the 'new' part number is actually numerically lower. This would indicate to me that it is already being used somewhere. However, the cross reference on mitsubishipartsonline shows it only used on the Mirage.

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