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Thread: DIY! Snapped clutch cable remove & replace

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    Quote Originally Posted by foama View Post
    Thanks for the info!

    For prevention I put a dab of grease on the clevis.
    Also, I have a new replacement in the car. At €12.50 (about $15) it is afforable.
    I bought an OEM clutch cable from eBay, but it was $57.53 with free shipping. It was the last one listed. I'm sure they will be restocked, & there are other options out there. I didn't notice any real cheap aftermarket ones, but I also didn't look that hard.

    The steering linkage went out on my John Deere riding lawnmower last week. It's 28 years old. I bought it used in 2002. I mow two relatively rough yards with it. I don't get upset when something needs to be replaced.

    The John Deere part was $70. I added a $20 aftermarket part that I got from eBay yesterday. The aftermarket part is designed better than the factory original. It fit great, & worked perfectly when mowing yesterday, too!

    Mechanical things break! It comes with owning stuff!

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    I originally thought my clutch had failed, so I did some pricing on new clutch sets. Maaaan. Online Mitsubishi parts sellers won't even sell the pressure plate, and the Exedy clutch set seems to be sold out everywhere except Puerto Rico for some reason. ANY replacement clutch set is hard to find for these cars.

    I bought this one just to have it on the shelf...

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