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Thread: Opinion on new or low mileage used G4?

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    Opinion on new or low mileage used G4?

    A while ago we were thinking of adding a G4 we need a truck and the car we have now that has a trunk is very disappointing. Looking around we can purchase a new G4 ES CVT for the mid 12's however within a few hundred miles of us I'm seeing low mileage 2017 G4's around 8k. Dott and Dolores are generally pampered but the G4 new or used would be used heavily up to 2000 or 3,000 miles per month and would be in tight parking garage spaces. It has to be a CVT for one of the family members otherwise I would get a new stick you can get one for about 11k.

    I'm really torn any advice would be great.

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    Used is the way to go if you really want to save money. New always takes the biggest depreciation hit. Given the amount of warranty claims we've seen, I have very little reservations about buying used. If you want absolute peace of mind, buy new.

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