I have a 17 Mirage GT that I purchased new. I have never had Apple Car Play before, so I was happy to see that it was installed on the stock head unit in my car. I have already had the recall performed a few months ago. Recently my Car Play performance started to degrade and it has become impossible to use, it is so bad I don't even bother to use it anymore. My display randomly locks up and will not respond to any inputs, I also have problems placing calls, where the call is placed but will not play through the speakers. Siri works absolutely horribly when trying to speak a text message or just about anything else. Overall it is beyond frustrating...

If I use bluetooth for making calls or speaking texts I have no problems whatsoever, so I do not believe it is a phone or cord issue.

Have already reset the head unit to factory settings numerous times and nothing changes.

Went into the dealer to make an appointment to see if it needs a software update, but that had already been done when I brought it in for the recall. I told the dealer if that does not fix it I want the thing replaced under warranty.

Was curious if anyone else was having similar problems with Car Play.