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Thread: Leaving 2 windows open on the drivers side ONLY: HYPERMILING STRATEGY

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevedmc View Post
    Admit it, you fart a lot.
    I do but not while driving. Mostly during work while I'm moving about.

    Quote Originally Posted by fc321 View Post
    I did a mini experiment and once again I see almost zero difference between drivers front window rolled down compared to drivers side front and rear windows down. I did not test the traditional both front windows down because I just assume that will create the most drag out of any of them

    Looking forward to seeing your results guys. Report back and maybe we can add this to the compendium of knowledge. I definatley dont regret choosing the manual transmission. I can do some magic in the city have even reached as high at 65 mpg on a 15 minute city drive.

    This car is amazing and the best hypermiler that money can buy (non-hybrid / non-EV)
    I'll try find the actual numbers tomorrow of driving with windows down but not below my window deflectors to my way to college then have my AC on minimum settings on my way back. Right now I don't have long distances to drive, but theres a lot of stop and go traffic here.

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