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Thread: DIY Ultra Racing Rear Sway Bar Installation

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    DIY Ultra Racing Rear Sway Bar Installation

    Here's a DIY Installation of the ULTRA Racing Anti-Roll Bar.

    This is relatively easy to do. Install time is around 30min max.

    What you need:

    Ultra Racing Anti-Roll Bar part# UR-AR19-422

    Tools Needed:
    - 2 jacks
    - 17mm closed wrench
    - 6mm Hex key

    Optional Tools:
    These tools will make installation easier.
    - 1/2 Drive socket wrench
    - 1/2 drive 17mm socket
    - 1/2 drive Torque Wrench

    1. Loosen up the bolts on the lower portion of the rear shock absorbers using a 17mm wrench.

    2. Jack up the car on both sides at the rear.

    3. Remove the bolts on the lower portion of the rear shock absorbers with a 17mm wrench or socket wrench. At this point the rear lower spring mount will drop.

    4. Jack up the car further to be able to remove the springs from the mounts.

    5. Install the anti-sway bar brackets on the lower spring mount and the anti-roll bar using the 6mm Hex screw and 17mm socket wrench.

    6. Re-seat the the springs on the mounts and slowly lower the jack to clamp the springs to the spring mounts from the top and bottom.

    7. Re-insert the bolts of the shock absorbers and tighten. If you have a torque wrench tighten it with 35N-m of force.

    Enjoy the ride...

    After driving the car over curves, I must say that the car doesn't lean on it's side as much as before when it wasn't installed yet.


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