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I had those ordered and Amazon cancelled on me. The importer is only doing cup holders and such nonsense these days.

To add insult to injury my plasma cutter is dinked, I dunno what went wrong. And.....my buddy with the small shop tells me there is a backorder of 3-4 months on fairly priced 4130 moly material. It may be Sept before my 1st rear bar is fabricated. FML.

oH, and I had foot surgery, I had a horrible bunion, so bad my left foot was useless and this was 2 years after an OP to fix it! A hack operated on me and made it worse. My most recent OP with a Prof of Ortho surgery hopefully went much better. I see him in 10-12 days for a 1st meeting after surgery. It's going to be 6-10 weeks before I can fully use my left foot again.

I WILL NOT throw away another summer on a couch due to health problems.
Bummer! I hope your health issues get resolved soon!