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Car is at about 120k miles. Drum brakes scare me so I haven't taken a look at it. Should I have someone check it out?

I guess I could make an appointment at the "Brake Check" 35 mins from me (assuming service is cheaper there since they only do brakes) or just take it to the local "Firestone" fill-auto-repair which is 10 mins down the road. Decisions decisions.
To check the rear brakes all you have to do it remove the wheel, pop off a dust cap then remove a 30mm nut. The drum usually just pulls right off. If it won't come then bolt the wheel back on and spin it while you pull. I've only had to do it that way a couple times.

Drum brakes aren't bad to replace on these cars. The 14-15's are really easy once you figure out how they mount and how the adjuster works. You can assemble the shoes and the upper springs on the floor/bench then install as one piece and add the lower springs once in place. At least that's how I remember doing it. Sometimes had to loosen up the e-brake adjuster(at the rear of the console) to get the drums back on after installing new shoes or drums and shoes.