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Thread: My First car :: 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage ES Plus (Garage entry)

  1. General Information
    My First car
    Mirage ES Plus

    -EZ lip pro side skirt and bumper lip
    -Auto dynasty/Speed Daddy lowering springs
    -Enkei RPF1 15x7 41mm offset
    -Nexen SU1 summer tires 195 45 R15
    -Carbon fibre wrapped hood, VVIVID brand
    -Shark fin antenna
    -Titanium Lug nuts 13g each
    -5% rear passenger window tints. 25% VLT front driver sides. VVIVID tints
    -Rear universal diffuser.
    -underbody rubberize rust coat, partially done. Its an ongoing project.
    -painted the calipers with annonized high heat glossy red
    -Speed Daddy Ebay Springs (FOR SALE!)
    -installed a philips engine block heater
    NOTE: all upgrades were installed by myself. Except tire to rims install and balancing. I did the tints, hood wrap, diffuser install, antenna swap, Underbody rubberized rust coat... etc


    -Rear diffuser

    -ez lip on the side and front bumper

    -Carbon Hood wrap and gas cover.

    -Shark fin antenna installed h

    -Vvivid 5% tints and 25% tints high quality, Made in Canada:

    -Led Lights (Headlights, license plate, reverse lights, daytime running light)

    -Vortex generator fins sticked on the spoiler.

    -Benen rear tow hook

    -Rear Stepsill

    Mirage floor mats
    Dashboard cover
    Led dome light 31mm

    Stock Head unit with android auto display
    JBL GTO629 180W front
    JBL GX602 180W rear

    -Sprayed rubberized undercoating in the wheel wells, and underneath the car too.

    -Engine block heater

    -Red annonized metalic caliper painted

    -K&N RG-1001RD Air filter

    -Mobil 1 Extended performance with m1-110 oil filter

    -CVT fluid from Canadian tire

    -Rear Resonator delete

    -Godspeed coilovers
    -Daox rear Antiroll bar/Sway Bar
    -eibach Coilovers protector cover

    -Titanium lug nuts

    -Enkei RPF1 15x7 41mm offset
    -Nexen SU1 summer tires 195 45 R15
    -185/65R14 winter tires with 3mm hub-centric front wheel spacer
    -plastidip wheel covers
    -165/65R14 stock ensave with 25mm hubcentric wheel spacers
    -Rear Fender rolled

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    Thanks. Before purchasing, I was also looking at Green-Lite Lithium battery from Braille particularly the G20 model and also the AntiGravity brand, model group 35 and the ATX30-HD.
    I picked this one because Lifepo4 is safer, it has a BMS built. I had an lifepo4 on my ebike that lasted 8 years, so the lifespan is excellent on than SLA. Also this model is the lowest weight, with excellent CCA rating.
    There is also other models from EarthX that may suit your requirements, higher CCA, AH, lower weight & etc.


    Braille G20
    +Slightly cheaper than the ETX900
    +They claim that it is safe without the BMS and no issues from customers according to Sales.
    -No BMS
    -Low PCA
    -No CCA rating published
    -It has the least capacity compared to the 3.

    + High cranking Amps, & Capacity/weight ratio
    +BMS built in
    -Lithium chemistry
    -It is Back order
    -Max charge rate is small printed on the battery at left corner main photo (12Amps max)
    Our alternator is 70-80A peak.
    -CCA rating not published

    Anti gravity Group 35
    +Same or close to stock capacity and Highest Cranking amps.
    +Auto start Re-Start built in feature
    +Same as OEM fitment
    +Least cost $/AH
    -No CCA rating published
    -Most expensive
    -Not so significant weight savings
    -Out of my budget

    +Safer than lithium
    +Have the least weight
    +Longer lifespan than Lithium
    +There is a BMS built in
    -High PCA
    +CCA rating is published and detailed specifications so I know what I am getting.
    +Newly manufactured the fresh battery, but 1 week lead time prior to shipping.
    -Lower AH compared to the two.
    -Costs most $ per AH

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