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Thread: Engines & Transmissions Sticky Index (look here for good info)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inferno.mirage15 View Post
    Any recommendations on an additional transmission fluid cooler I can get installed and working in conjunction with its original? 2015 Mirage CVT
    The Jatco JF015E (CVT-7) CVT used in the Mirage has a heat exchanger that is mounted within the transmission housing and is tied in with the engine coolant/antifreeze circuit. Just as an internal-combustion engine is most efficient when it is at it's full operating temperature, so is the CVT.

    I would advise against spending money on a transmission cooler as it's temperature is intended to be maintained with the engine. Instead consider using the money and effort in a transmission fluid replacement and filter change.

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    It will take some experimentation but once you find the camera orientation that works with this forum, it's easiest to simply hold your camera that way for all your pictures.

    For my setup, I found it was using landscape orientation with the top of the phone to the left, or rotated counterclockwise 90°.


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    Some Nissan's
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    I've drained and filled my fluid twice because I've been having some issues, whining and grinding noise when I foot the accelerator sometimes and at those times it's days where it's over a hundred degrees out, so in theory I imagined the Heat is what's causing the tranny issues.. to just today I spoke with a dealer service advisor and he talked about how the CVT doesn't really generate a lot of heat like the more common Transmissions out there and mentioned if there is a problem then it's probably within the clutches. And so I think I will redirect funds towards getting my coolant serviced. Currently at 91k and Counting

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