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    Quote Originally Posted by Inferno.mirage15 View Post
    Any recommendations on an additional transmission fluid cooler I can get installed and working in conjunction with its original? 2015 Mirage CVT
    The Jatco JF015E (CVT-7) CVT used in the Mirage has a heat exchanger that is mounted within the transmission housing and is tied in with the engine coolant/antifreeze circuit. Just as an internal-combustion engine is most efficient when it is at it's full operating temperature, so is the CVT.

    I would advise against spending money on a transmission cooler as it's temperature is intended to be maintained with the engine. Instead consider using the money and effort in a transmission fluid replacement and filter change.


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    Some Nissan's have an external cooler as well. If you are in a hot or hilly location I'd look into finding an external cooler. Unless the fluid is being cooled to the point that it can't get up to proper operating temp I see no problem.

    But with an extra cooler you have more places for fluid to leak.

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    I've drained and filled my fluid twice because I've been having some issues, whining and grinding noise when I foot the accelerator sometimes and at those times it's days where it's over a hundred degrees out, so in theory I imagined the Heat is what's causing the tranny issues.. to just today I spoke with a dealer service advisor and he talked about how the CVT doesn't really generate a lot of heat like the more common Transmissions out there and mentioned if there is a problem then it's probably within the clutches. And so I think I will redirect funds towards getting my coolant serviced. Currently at 91k and Counting

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