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Thread: 2017+ Front Brakes on 2014-2015 Mirage

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    2017+ Front Brakes on 2014-2015 Mirage

    I finally got around to installing 2017+ Front brakes on my 2015 Mirage.

    Parts needed:
    2017+ front brake caliper bracket
    (you do not need the actual caliper, only the bracket. It may be hard to convince/confusing to anyone to sell you only the bracket so you may have to buy the caliper with bracket as one, just make sure it is off a 2017+ model. The 2017+ brake caliper bracket looks almost the same as the 2014-15 one except it is about 1/2 inch longer/taller to accommodate the larger 2017+ brake disc/rotor)

    2017+ Front brake disc/rotor
    (the 2017+ disc/rotors are about 1 inch larger diameter than the stock 2014-15 brake disc/rotor = better stopping power and heat capacity)

    That's it!

    I had to go through the process of buying the entire caliper and caliper bracket, pads and disc/rotors used off a 2018 Mirage from an online junk yard as there wasn't much info for this upgrade. I found out you only need to use the above parts. You can use you any new mirage brake pads, its the same size. The brake caliper is the same as well.

    To upgrade brakes:
    jack up car and use some jack stands please
    remove wheel
    remove brake disc
    remove brake caliper bracket bolts and brake caliper slider bolts
    remove brake pads

    Install new 2017+ brake bracket
    Re-install original 2014-2015 brake caliper (no brake bleeding or brake line replacement needed, my 2015 oem brake hoses had plenty of slack for suspension movement )
    install new pads
    install 2017+ brake disc/rotor
    re-install wheels

    You only need basic hand tools
    The perfect opportunity to do this is when you are due to replace brake pads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a17322a View Post
    ...installing 2017+ Front brakes on my 2015 Mirage.

    Parts needed:
    2017+ front caliper bracket
    2017+ Front rotor do not need the actual caliper, only the bracket.'s that simple? That's great! I guess that made it easy for Mitsubishi to increase the rotor size only and leave the caliper alone.

    So when I'm at the parts yard grabbing the better springs/shocks off of a 2017, I need to be sure to grab the front caliper brackets while I'm at it.


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    It looks like they didn't even change the backing plate when they came out with the larger rotors on the 17's.
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    Pardon me Mr. Fummins


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    I have been trying to find some of the caliper brackets for a while now. Haven't had any luck without buying them new for $100 a piece LOL.

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