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Thread: Alternator delete with regen braking modification for better MPG

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    6-7% gain, estimated

    So, I drove with the alternator off [simply disconnected] for probably 90% of the last tank.

    Tank MPG was 9% higher than the previous tank, with similar trips.

    That said, the weather was a fair bit warmer, so we can't attribute all of the 9% gain to the alternator situation. Ambient temperature has a big effect on fuel economy.

    Let's be conservative and call it 6-7%. Seems reasonable.

    One thing I noticed is my driving style [mostly country secondary highways, next to no traffic] would benefit very little from having the regen feature.


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    If you are still trying to figure out how to create regenerative braking functionality. Id like to propose tapping into one of the wheel ABS sensors. They normally provide a digital square wave signal that is representative of wheel rpm. This in combination with the brake lights being active will tell you the ideal times to be regenerative braking.

    By tapping into the wheel speed sensor you can also only enable it above a certain wheel speed so that it won't turn on when youre creeping forward in stop and go traffic.

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