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Thread: Mirage 1.2L (3A92)... MAP or MAF? Who got what?

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    Mitsubishi cars that have both MAF and MAP use it for EGR purposes mostly. Cars can be run on either MAF or MAP for load but in the cases of EGR Mitsubishi uses the diffrence of the MAF and MAP to calculate how much EGR is being injected in order to correct fuel more accurately.

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    My 2015 Mirage DE has a MAF, going by the pictures. You can tell there's a little rectangular thing stuck on the front of the air box tube, not the round hole, if you look at the under-the-hood view in my Garage picture gallery.

    We bought the car recently in Illinois, USA, and assume it's original owner purchased it in the USA, too, maybe in this region, but possibly anywhere in the country, as it could have been a student at a nearby university.

    This is my technical statement on the operation of a MAF sensor:

    It works just fine.



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