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Thread: Mitsubishi Mirage :: 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage GLX (Garage entry)

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    Hello hexkey and welcome to the forum. Post some pictures of your Mirage when you are able.


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    So guys... 2 days ago i change my oil first time... When i do it i had about 2050 km at odo. I install new filter (Bosh) and put 0W20 full synthetic oil Valvoline (my friends here who working with semi-trucks highly recommend it for me n i already use it for another cars). Finally i havent too big choice of oil: i living at South of Mexico (but my English is not very well not in this reason, i speak English much better than Spanish ) and all year we have about +30C degrees, so this type of oil isn't popular.

    Few things about Oil:
    1. God bless engineers who choice place for oil filter... We spend 15 minutes (+1hr for go to AutoZone n buy new key for filter) for remove it. Place and angle of installation is so... So discussable... Also u cant fill filter with oil enough, because angle...
    2. Our official dealership using semi-synthetic oil, 5w30. I have to go to service every 12 000 km for keep my warranty. When i will go first time at 12 000 i will ask to dont touch my oil and will do it myself again or ask to use my own oil.
    3. After 2000 km oil dont looks like so clean... I'm not an auto mechanic (most works in electronics, software developing and space engineering) but i still have strong opinion about changing oil at first 1000-2000 km at new car.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eggman View Post
    Hello hexkey and welcome to the forum. Post some pictures of your Mirage when you are able.
    Thanks for warm welcome dude! This forum is really friendly and helpful! Im engineer and i will try to share all things what i doing for my car.

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