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Thread: Reminder Under Carriage and especially the rear wheel wells.

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    Reminder Under Carriage and especially the rear wheel wells.

    Winter started early. I wash the undercarriage of our mirages to protect them as much as possible... due to early cold doing it at home is not practical so I use the wand at the car wash plus use the touch-less automatic.

    Just wanted people to know on ebay and amazon there are great options for home undercarriage sprayers you can purchase for your hose or pressure washer.

    I stated before in another post anyone who lives in the sand/salt belt really needs to get into your rear wheel wells and clean them the automatic car wash will not reach above the tires I can not believe the amount of junk that comes out.

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    They don't use much salt where I am at, but this is still good advice. I clean mine out every spring, and about FIVE POUNDS of stuff comes out of the rear wheel wells.

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