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Thread: U.S. 2019 Mirage Review - The Car Connection (brutal!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by A-Aron View Post
    all I can think of is the Honda lawn mower engines you change the oil by dumping it out the fill spout..
    I don't want to mess with the dude holding his engine to weigh it lol..
    Yeah, that's my buddy Mike. He's one of those weight-lifter types. Not overly bulky or anything, but one of those people who's "handy to have around" when you need heavy stuff moved. He's also very handy with a wrench. Perfect for things like engine swaps!

    The engine as he's holding it only weighed about 123 pounds. But, if *I* were holding it for that photo, I wouldn't be smiling about it! I tend to lose my smile somewhere between 40 and 50 pounds.

    Simplify and add lightness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A-Aron View Post
    I think these reviews are kinda like opinions.
    Only problem is they seem very contagious.
    Everyone I talked to about a mirage quickly looked them up on their smartphones and had very preconceived notions about the car.
    How small, how bad, all off a couple of these reviews.
    As soon as I bought it people quickly looked and judged it the same way.
    But any who have ridden in it or just sat in it quickly have changed there tune.
    It quickly became you paid what for that!!!
    It get what gas mileage!!!
    It comes with what warranty!!!!
    You mean I could have bought 2 of these for the price of my used.....
    They still pick on the tires.. lol
    Then I show them the picture of Lauren holding his engine and they'll them that's how you change the oil. Lol
    I love my G4.
    This. Hits the nail on the head.

    People still laugh at mine until they ride in and are like wow, this is alot of car for very little money. I paid 10,495 for my Orange 18 ES, which I added cruise, center console, and fogs too. It regularly gets 44MPG. Insurance/ownership is cheap. Its comfortable. It rides nice. (I think, alot of the crashiness is the Dunlops.) It's factory 7" touchscreen works fantastic and sounds good....

    ...What else do you need? I actually dislike alot of new cars for all the nannys and crap they have on them. I don't want something driving the car for me...that's why I bought a 5 speed.

    Oh well, it doesn't matter. As I get older I come to realize that if it like it, it simply doesn't matter.

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