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Thread: Autocrossing a Mirage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loren View Post
    But, the good news is that I've decided to keep the car. Even though I'm not autocrossing it, it's a good "economy utility vehicle". With the back seats out, it's got plenty of space to haul stuff when needed. Gets me and my wife around town. And it's still fun to drive.
    You’re the 3rd forum member in the last week to mention this mod. Mitsubishi might be missing a opportunity. They should offer a “Utility Model” with the rear seat removed and flat load floor. #MirageWagen (note the creative use of the German word for wagon lol)

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    I don't mind removing the back seat. I wish they'd make one WITHOUT THE BACK DOORS!

    Make it 6-12" shorter in length. Make it 8" shorter in height.

    Basically, give me the Scion iQ with a manual transmission that Scion never offered us here in the US.

    Simplify and add lightness.

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