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Thread: Decided to gamble on the little car that every reviewer hates

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    That's a lot of car buying activity!


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    Oh jeez... yeah. In the past year I've had three new Corolla hatchbacks, the two Mirages, the Outlander Sport, a Neon, two Tacomas, a used Corolla sedan, a LeBaron convertible, a Reliant coupe, a Shelby Lancer, a turbo Plymouth Voyager... and more stuff I'm probably forgetting. Usually I'll break even or make a few dollars on stuff... but there was a few exceptions this year (two of the three Corolla hatchbacks... long story I don't want to get into because it makes me sad but life is a ***** and I have to deal) but I'm glad I finally found a few things I'm pretty fond of for once.
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    Had the alignment checked on my new Mirage SE. Oddly enough, the rear axle is within specifications but the front was slightly off. Biggers had it fixed in a day (I think they send their cars to Pep Boys since they don't have their own alignment machine) and it drives perfectly now.
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    Nice, I'm taking my '17 in soon, just to check as I've bottomed the front end teeth jarring hard a couple times on invisible drops.

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