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Thread: Doge Hauler :: 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage ES Hatchback (Garage entry)

  1. General Information
    Doge Hauler
    Mirage ES Hatchback
    Mercury Gray

    Parts carrier, doge hauler, crappy weather daily driver. One of the many with a bad rear axle alignment, had it replaced and it should be okay now.


    Draw-tite trailer hitch

    Low end hard plastic with no nice trim because I bought the base model.

    Stock radio that sucks but made quite a bit better with the Rockford Fosgate Premium Audio from Mitsubishi. Now it's pretty decent.


    New horns because the stock one is garbage. Now it beeps with AUTHORITY.

    Engine though, untouched stock 3 cylinder.


    Stock for now. Stronger rear springs and a rear sway bar are on the agenda.


    Stock garbage tires with steel wheels and ugly plastic wheel covers.

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