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Thread: Doge Hauler :: 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage ES Hatchback (Garage entry)

  1. General Information
    Doge Hauler
    Mirage ES Hatchback
    Mercury Gray

    Parts carrier, doge hauler, year round daily driver. One of the many with a bad rear axle alignment, had it replaced and it should be okay now.


    Draw-tite trailer hitch
    Rockford Fosgate Limited Edition badge
    Fog lights hopefully coming soon.

    Low end hard plastic with no nice trim because I bought the base model.

    Made a nice box thing for the back to give the car a strong loading floor and covered storage compartments.

    Stuck a phone mount up on top of the dash. I doubt that counts as a mod but it has it now.

    Stock radio that sucks but made quite a bit better with the Rockford Fosgate Premium Audio from Mitsubishi. Now it's pretty decent.


    New horns because the stock one is garbage. Now it beeps with AUTHORITY.

    Engine though, untouched stock 3 cylinder. Except I wrote 1.2 Liter on the air box with a paint pen because... no reason hahaha.


    Stock for now. Stronger rear springs and a rear sway bar are on the agenda.


    Stock garbage tires with steel wheels and ugly plastic wheel covers.

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    Hello Doge Hauler and welcome to the Garage. Mercury Gray was one of my choices, but none were available at the time.

    I'll sometimes remove the rear seat bottom (just yank it up from the front of the seat cushion) to fold the seatbacks down flat for our Dogie.

    Don't forget to post some pictures.


        click to view fuel log View my fuel log 2015 Mirage ES 1.2 manual: 49.9 mpg (US) ... 21.2 km/L ... 4.7 L/100 km ... 59.9 mpg (Imp)

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    Had the first oil change done at 3750 miles a few weeks ago. It was free so I figured why not. Now that I have to PAY I'll be doing the changes same as my Toyotas at 5000 miles. 7500 miles just seems a bit too long to me especially since the poor car usually has two very very short trips taking my kid to and from school about four blocks away. Usually the cold temperature light is off by the time I pull back into the driveway.

    -Karl B. Had a 2019 Mirage ES 5 speed, swapped it for a 2019 Outlander Sport ES 5 speed.

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