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Thread: Happy 2019! - New year, new plans & mods

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    Happy 2019! - New year, new plans & mods

    A bit of a late happy new year to you all!

    Darin and I like to post these 'new years resolutions' threads to see what people are up to. We know a lot of your are doing cool things and enjoying your car in ways that don't always make it to the forum for whatever reason. However, we really enjoy hearing about what you've done, and also what you plan to do. So, if you would be so inclined to share some plans you guys have for the Mirage, that would be really cool!

    I'll start by sharing a few of the past year plans I had:

    For me, I hope to find a Mirage that is not ridiculously far away that is reasonably priced so I can buy it! I daily drive a 99 Chevy Metro right now and it has several issues. I will be fixing them as time goes on, but a Mirage would make all of them magically disappear.

    I also have plans to bring at least one more aftermarket product to market for the Mirage this year. However, I hope to come up with a couple others, and/or help us get more support from other aftermarket companies.
    I think we missed 2017... However, I was able to make the 2016 goal happen in early December of 2017 when I picked up my 2014 DE! See my garage thread here.

    Anyway, moving on.

    Woo, I like these threads.

    I have quite a few plans for the Mirage this coming year. I hope I get even half of them done.

    1) Consistently get 60 mpg this coming summer.

    2) Design a bunch of fun mods for the Mirage for me and for others. I have tons of ideas. My current wish list is around 31 mods... Here are some on the more immediate to do list:
    --- Glove box light
    --- Cruise control
    --- Grill block
    --- Electric power steering controller
    --- Alternator delete
    --- Air dam
    --- Rear anti-roll / sway solution
    --- PTC heater disable
    --- and more!
    Looks like I totally blew #1 haha. My best tank in the Mirage so far has been 51 mpg. Granted, I have no fill ups from mid summer when you do get the best mileage as I was working from home this summer and just didn't go through much gas at all.

    As for #2, I got a bunch of those done. I worked on others, some got posted about, some didn't. If anyone is interested in some of these things let me know and I'll post up my info.

    I'll have to think about what I'd like to do with the Mirage this year and get back to you guys. For now, I'd like to hear from YOU!

    Custom Mirage products: Cruise control kit, Glove box light, MAF sensor housing, Rear sway bar, Upper grill block

    Current project: DIY Nitrous oxide setup for ~$100


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    I like the cost/benefit ratio of the aerodynamics - grill block, air dam, maybe even under carriage stuff.


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    I'm most interested in the EPS controller and/or disabling it entirely. When I get my jack and jackstands back from a friend I'm going to try and adjust the spring that was mentioned in foama's steering adjustment thread. I've already bought your MAF housing and rear sway bar, both work awesome. I'll +1 the Alternator Delete as well.

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