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Thread: And Another CVT problem.

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    Of course your correct but it was his lack of enthusiasm for his product which if I was shop manager Id be thinking a stern talking to in the office. But Im not a snitch, and I dont believe in being that asshole customer that complains to management when he asks for an honest opinion and doesnt hear what he wants to hear. But trust me Fummins, your opinion means alot more to me with your experience, than some underpaid overworked dealership hack with an axe to grind against his employer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummins View Post
    They don't like to be ran outta oil to the point that they go into limp mode then driven til they won't go anymore. Shoulda replaced the cooler before sending it to the dealer but that's kinda unethical and I didn't have or forethought or time to do it.

    These things don't seem to be as tough as old junk. I once had a 79 ford with a c6 that needed a torque seal. I just bought a 5 gallon pail of atf and drove it til it stopped moving, fill it up and keep going. Only did that for a few days. That thing lasted another 15 years that I know of, probably longer.
    X2 on the C6. I still have an old 82 Ford bucket van with 351W and C6. Old Bell System truck, who knows how many miles. Trans works with any fluid you put in it and shifts beautifully.
    No question, most newer products are usually built 'just good enough'.

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