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Thread: And Another CVT problem.

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    I just drove this turd 33kms trying to get the transmission hot. 1/2 in town 1/2 down the highway 70mph. It just kept on getting warmer then entire time. By the time I turned around and started heading back on the highway the cvt temp was 83C(181F) and seemed to be holding for a few minutes then as I started slowing down it crept up to 85 then 86C(186F). It's been idling for 10 mins now and stayed at 86C. The coolant temp was pretty close to the cvt fluid temps until I revved it up. Cvt got up to 89C and coolant got up to 97C when the fan kicked in.

    It drove fine the entire time. Of course it did... At least the cvt worked fine. Engine is pretty clacky like my white car, the tires sound horrible like a bad wheel bearing and it sounds like the rear shocks are pounded out of it. I couldn't drive around in that all day, I'll have to fix all that before I kick it out the door.


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    Are you using an OBD II reader to get the CVT temperature in real time while the engine is running?

    What temperature does Mitsubishi specify as ideal for the Mirage CVT? I know some Nissans are supposed to run at no higher than 165F under optimal conditions.

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