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Thread: The Pumpkin :: 2018 Mitsubishi mirage gt (Garage entry)

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    The Pumpkin
    mirage gt
    Sunrise Orange

    This is my 1st new car ever. I can't believe how nice it actually is after all the reviews I read online about it. The info from real people on this forum made the decision to buy easy!!


    Smoked LED Repeater lights in fenders, OEM Front & Rear splash guards,hood protector, Krown rust proof,


    All Weather floor mats (Kinda shoulda got the weathertech ones..)(*EDIT* I did get the Weathertech ones, so much better .) Tinted windows. Hour meter added to center console.

    Stock. Does the remote start system count as entertainment???


    Block Heater, Battery warmer blanket, Window washer reservoir mod. (Thanks to whoever posted it!!!)




    Steel wheels & snow tires are on now, the OEM alloy ones are waiting better weather...

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