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Btw: Changing brake fluid every two years is standard procedure in Europe at the yearly dealer service.
The way I drive, its not so much the boiling point as focus of concern, but rather the system rusting from the inside if it has too high water content.
I have a 2015 with the factory brake fluid and I tested it today with a pen tester and its still only at 1% water content. And the color is still a pale yellow. 18,200 miles on it

Ref: https://www.amazon.com/eOUTIL-Hydrau.../dp/B07QZ2LD1T

My motorcycle on the other hand which is a 2016 tested at >4% and the fluid was darker like iced tea. The motorcycle has 8,000 miles. The owners manual of the motorcycle advises 3 year brake fluid changes