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I understand why Mitsubishi made the hubcaps the way they did (aero/fuel economy), but they look so... cheap. It's hard to get excited about any kind of hubcap, but the stock ones are really dumpy.

I searched the forum, but didn't find much on hubcap alternatives. Like I said... not many people get excited about hubcaps.

On my car, I'm going to replace the stock units with chrome trim rings and center caps. I bought the trim rings already, but I still have to make the center caps. I want something that covers only the center area ("hub cap" in the original sense), and there isn't really anything you can buy that will do that.

Since some of the steel wheel will be exposed, I polished them up today. Unlike the car body, there's no clear coat on the wheels. Just some cheap single-stage paint meant to keep the wheels from rusting, for a few years, at least.

The paint is very soft and fades quickly. My car was built six months ago, it has 100 miles on it, and the wheels already look bad. I hand-polished them with compound, and they look much better.

Few things are available for 14" wheels, but a trim ring is a trim ring. They pretty much all fit. I bought an old-school chrome-plated steel set on Ebay. I actually would have preferred chromed plastic, but couldn't find any.

Now I just have to cover up that mess in the middle of the wheel.
Im looking for the exact same thing to cover the front tires axle nut! The back tires have them but the fronts dont. Any suggestions?