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Thread: Auto stop@go recall. Side effects

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    Auto stop&go recall. Side effects

    Today my Space Star got a firmware update due to the AS&G recall. On my way back (about 50km) I saw the AS&G light went on later than I was used to. That was to be expected.

    More interesting was the economy gauge. I got 26.3km/L on my way home (mostly highway), while I got 22.5km/L on my way out. The garage is about 60 meters higher than my home, so a bit better economy is to be expected, but not more than about 1km/L. Actually I can not recall ever to have seen the economy gauge higher than 26km/L, and the conditions were not optimal (5C, a bit rainy, highway).

    So what happened? Is the car more economical, or is the gauge less accurate? The 'B' gauge used to be about 3% too pessimistic, so I think the 'A' gauge had the same aberration. If the economy didn't change, I guess the gauge is now 12% too optimistic. (26.3 where I expected about 23.3)

    The future will tell.

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