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Thread: Something what I wish I have found before

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    Red face Something what I wish I have found before

    Thank you all for this forum. Because of you, now I have new Space Star EU.
    I have been reading this forum for 4 months, but been registered since January.

    Looking on YouTube for good review for Mirage/Space Star CVT I found only one good review, from Polish guy - Review, No Comment! And it is without speaking and good review about car, but nothing about CVT.

    Then I found same CVT7 in new Suzuki Swift review

    It is filmed very well, but we can't know how deep pedal is and how much power he wants...

    So I try something with Torque Pro, but video is very bad. I think that video is not so important as numbers. Camera can show when and why I brake, but numbers are that what I wish I have found before. I hope so that this can help someone else to decide to buy or not.

    Video is long and boring, you can skip to favourite moments. Torque recorder and phone are very bad, later I will do with two cameras, better phone, day light and cruise control.

    I have this car for one week and I already have ETACS, waiting for OBD2 cable (because Bluetooth can't work) and Cruise control switch (I hope so it is with right resistors, model OEM 8602A088, and I'll install it in case of OEM 8602A115 what is on my steering wheel. I know that it is same design as new Outlander but I can't be sure for resistors)
    They are selling cars in Germany with CControl but not in Austria.
    Another lucky side of my story was paint. Priority was orange and red. In Germany, they have right now just white, blue, black, in Austria, just white and one blue car..... until July 2019, when shipping will be finally done.
    Lucky my, I found last red in Austria, private seller, show car with 30 km.

    I am mechanic and my fetish is gearbox. This cvt7 is dream box, good gear ratio with everything good inside: Lock-up Torque converter, push belt, planetary gears for reverse, 2 speed planetary set for forward, neutral clutch between diff and belt, oil cooler, adaptive oil pump, smart brain for all of this....

    I hope so that I will with OBD2 cable open CVTz50 app and similar to watch CVT at work. Did anyone try similar app with success?

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    I haven't heard of this app. What does it do? Can it work with Bluetooth?


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    Welcome to the forum! Maybe you and Fummins can put your heads together and figure out why the thrust washers in these CVT's seem to fail. Awesome to have another mechanic on board!

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    Welcome to the site and congrats on the new Space Star!

    I look forward to your tinkering with the CVT.

    Custom Mirage products: Cruise control kit, Glove box light, MAF sensor housing, Rear sway bar, Upper grill block

    Current project: DIY Nitrous oxide setup for ~$100


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