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Thread: Ghosn, former CEO of the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance jail

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    Ghosn, former CEO of the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance jail

    Is this bad news for Mirage owners? Nissan's chief operating officer is being prosecuted by the Japanese government for corruption. Considering he had alot of say in Mitsubishi Motors, could this affect the Mirage in the future? Also, how advantageous is it to have Mitsubishi controlled by the abysmal car manufacturer Renault?

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    The answer is no, at least from my perspective. Mitsubishi really paid the price for fudging Kei car mileage & emissions for the Japanese Market. Mitsubishi manufactured Nissan’s Kei segment cars so when Mitsubishi’s stock took a hit Nissan scooped up a 34% interest in Mitsubishi and behold the alliance became 3 manufacturers. Mitsubishi still manufactures Kei cars for Nissan. Other manufacturers in Japan were found to have much bigger cheating issues but since Mitsubishi was first, they paid the highest price. The CEO of Mitsubishi Motors is not a Nissan executive now. What sharing will they all end up doing between the platforms? Unknown but I can’t see Mitsubishi giving up manufacturing in Thailand because of the incentives given to build a small subcompact. Mitsubishi’s engines are much more efficient with MIVEC and reliable than similar other non turbo manufacturers with the exception of Mazda with their new Skyactiv X. However, reliability has yet to be determined. Mitsubshi’s engine reliability is far above Nissan’s. What does the future hold? Too early to tell.

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