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Thread: Battery Size and Replacement

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    You are right it does say "maintenance free" on it. However it is not really correct. To be maintenance free, a battery must be sealed, and have some means of regenerating water from the fumes of the cells. This is not the case for the OEM Hitachi batteries. But the period until maintenance becomes necessary for adding water is unusually long, so most folks can easily get away with disregarding water level. See battery size versus capacity, and the large distance between max and min marks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk Diggler View Post
    Even the ****tiest, cheapest German beer is much better than Bud Light.
    Why ol' Dirk, it warms my heart to see you chime in on beer standards. Remember when that thread went off the rails oh so long ago?

    I certainly agree with you - even water is better than Bud Light (though I know of one guy who says he likes the stuff on a hot summer day.)


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    Quote Originally Posted by mohammad View Post
    No prying needed, if you watch the linked video near the end you can see that the removable caps are not glued and can easily be unscrewed to add water.
    With nothing to lose my 2014 Hitachi battery is now on my new $30 charger that can repair sulphated and near zero volt batteries.
    My fluid level was down with cells quite a bit below the minimum. Those are likely the cells that would not hold a charge.

    It's been 24 hours and I notice the current to the battery is reducing. that generally indicates the cells are charging.

    I'll give it another 24-36 hours and let it sit for 12 and see the results. It would be nice to have a full size spare battery for various purposes. I have two LiOn booster packs, one is 600A and the other is 800A. Both work well but I leave them in the car so a garge battery would be handy.

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