I traded in my 2019 Mirage for a different car and have some things here from it I'd like to sell.

First up is the OEM floor mats that were in it for maybe a week so they're like brand new. Mitsubishi charges you, and I'm not kidding, over $100 for these which is stupid. I'll take $40 for the whole set.

Second is the Mitsubishi accessory hatch cargo tray liner. It's like a big plastic/rubber tray thing for carrying stuff and not making a mess in the back of your car. Would love $60.

And finally a set of four of the OEM alloy wheels 14" size that came on the 2014-2015 ES and RF models. They still have the TPMS mounted in them as well. I paid $160 for them, I'd love to get as close to that as I can.

I'm located in Machesney Park, IL. Prefer local pickup, will ship on your dime.