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Thread: Awful MPG and performance with AC on (Mirage / Space-Star 2015)

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    But what if it's hot outside?

    POS Nissan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummins View Post
    I noticed a noticeable boost in power under light acceleration after turning off the ac. Car felt pretty sluggish then boom it took off like it had lots of stickers and colored wire loom on it.
    Difference between 1500RPM and 2500RPM with AC on while accelerating is insane, once it crosses that 2000RPM mark you rapidly feel all the power come back!

    Quote Originally Posted by timw4mail View Post
    Oh, that does explain the gear-skipping feel on acceleration after a stop...

    ...and the occasional "surge" when slowing down.

    Seems like a lot of the CVT weirdness is actually because of the AC.
    A lot of these sudden changes in available torque/power really transfer back to manuals too. although I'd expect CVT owners would notice it less?

    The car seems to try and compensate the ACs power draw, with my scangauge I often see the car still using about 2L/100km while coasting above 1200RPM and while not touching the gas pedal.
    Had moments where it just decided to stop injecting fuel halfway through while coasting, makes me double check if I'm not pressing my brakes because you do seriously feel it.

    Not sure if I'd call it a feature I'd want if it only works 80% of the time. Rather have it 0% or 100%, both options would allow me to learn the cars behaviour.


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