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Thread: 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage ES (Garage entry)

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    Mirage ES

    My first car was a manual 1994 Geo Metro xfi, darn near the same color as the Miragei now own. I get near identical mileage but the Mirage has alot more pep in its step. I originally bought it for my wife because she is always driving all over the place and saved a ton of money on gas compared to my 2001 pathfinder. I quickly fell in love with this little car and bought her a 2002 seville that I am almost done fixing up(just have an issue with the secondary air system to fix for emissions purposes) At that point the Mirage will be all mine and I am very interested in 1. Giving it a bit more pep because faster is always funnier. 2. Upgrading the suspension for obvious reasons. 3. Giving this car a more "tuner" styled look. I'm sadly disappointed in the North American accessibility to all these amazing bodykits, intakes, headers and so on that I have been drooling over as I watch and rewatch these youtube videos from the phillipines. Looking forward to possibilities and having some fun with this "Micro Machine"

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    Welcome to the forum, JoshR!

    Lots of 1.0L Metro graduates around here... you're in good company. I still have 3.5 of them and haven't graduated yet, but it's inevitable!


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    Yeah they are nice cars in my opinion I enjoyed my first one the most. Shortly after I bought i believe a 96 but it had the 4 cylinder engine and automatic transmission and the fuel economy sucked and i wasnt much of a fan. The last one I owned was a 94 3 cylinder, red, and I bought it for $100 from my wife's friend because she needed the throw out replaced. I ended up trading it to a coworker for swapping an engine into my 01 pathfinder. Best $100 I ever spent.

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