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Thread: Used Mitsubishi Mirage review: 2013-2018 -

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    Used Mitsubishi Mirage review: 2013-2018 -

    Further proof that it's a myth that ALL Mirage reviews are negative, check out these quotes from an Australian overview of the 6G Mirage, which reviews the car in its intended context (cheap, cheerful & thrifty):

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    .... perhaps its most charming feature. Rather than a conventional four cylinder engine, the Mirage had just three cylinders making up its 1.2 litres of capacity. That gave the motor great, useable torque but also a really fun feel and vibe.
    CVT (driving):

    ... the CVT did, however, ensure that as much of the torque was available more of the time, so it’s actually okay to use
    Fuel economy:

    It doesn’t really matter how you drive it, the mileage from each tank will amaze you and put a big smile on your face as you stretch every litre of petrol.

    outright speed is not really what this car is all about. And in any case, it feels faster than it is, which is probably more important.

    Despite its bargain price when new, the Mirage seems to have weathered the years pretty well and shows a distinct lack of common problems or other issues that lead to consumer complaints and lunchroom talk of mechanical defects.
    The engine seems pretty sturdy as does the CVT transmission (not something that can be said for every CVT out there).


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    Thanks for the post, MetroMPG. Interesting read. Finally, a reviewer notes how much fun it is to drive the Mirage. Also how much fun to rev the 3 cylinder engine, and listen to enginès distinct notes.

    So loud, sounds like a diesel!


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    America, by and large, is a large country inhabited by large people who love to drive large Canyoneros on their way to the large all you can gorge yourself buffet. Small cars will never see respect from reviewers or most of the public. A Civic is no longer a small car. A Corolla is the same, as are/were many others. (this applies to canada also, don't think I'm just bagging on the US)

    The Mirage is loved in countries where a small car is not only desired, it's essential.
    Zero, 2014 ES Plus 5MT, written off but not forgotten.
    Zero II, 2014 SE, 5MT, climate She's HOME now!
    Shelby AKA "Cute", 2017 ES 5MT, A/C.

    Mirage owners look at the world differently than everyone else, but in a better way
    We're driving the Beetle of the 21st century, the greatest small car now available!


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    I agree that not all Mirage reviews are negative. When I first became interested in a Mirage (summer of 2017), I appreciated some the German reviews of the Mirage that were done in English. They totally understood & appreciated the value of this small economy car. I would love to do review of car reviewers, because some of them are quite lame. Sadly, they are doing the American consumer a huge disservice.

    I don't think the Mirage is a car that "wows" anyone when doing a test drive (unless you've only been driving GEO Metros for the past 20 years ), but it's a car that grows on you on over time. I particularly like the powertrain (1.2L, 5-speed manual) of this car.

    In my opinion, two things are keeping this car from becoming even more popular.

    1. Lack of a good dealership network. There 25+ Ford dealerships & 25+ Chevy dealership closer to my rural SW Wisconsin home than the nearest Mitsubishi dealership. I am not exaggerating this! The nearest Mitsubishi dealership was the worst dealership I have ever experienced, & I would probably never buy a car from them. I not aware of a good Mitsubishi dealership in the state of Wisconsin. Since I only used dealerships for warranty/recall work, this is not a deal breaker for me. It's a deal breaker for others, however.

    2. Marketing of this car. Shopping for a Mirage (even on line) was much harder than it needed to be. This car is not priced right, & the Mitsubishi dealership have the freedom to do whatever. If I hadn't found a dealership 4-hours away that was straight forward with their pricing of this car, I would have bought something else. Asking for their OTD (out-the-door) price prior to visiting a dealership will expose the red flags.

    If you value a car that is affordable, reliable, & economical, the Mirage is really in a league of its own.
    The Prius c is a great car. I could afford one, but I only buy manuals.
    That eliminates the new Yaris & Rio hatchbacks now, too.
    I have no interest in paying extra for VW products.
    The Honda Fit & Corolla hatchback are still options, but they are more costly, have lower mpg, & don't have the charm of the Mirage.

    The Honda & Toyota dealerships have been around for decades, & they have an excellent reputation. If the next generation Mirage evolved into something more powerful with less mpg, I would be buying something else like the Honda Fit next time.

    I plan on driving my 2017 Mirage ES manual for the next 10-15 years. It's my beater car (that I treat nicely), & I don't expect anything to come out on the market that I will like better than what I already have in the meantime.

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    Yeah, plenty of Canyonero-sized folk in the Great White North as well, lol. Houston and Yellowknife, we have a problem!

    "As of 2017, research done by the Public Health Agency of Canada has reported that 64% of Canadian adults over the age of 18 are overweight or obese, and 30% of children aged 5-17 are overweight or obese.[2][3] An independent study in the same year by Renew Bariatrics, a bariatric center for obesity treatment in the United States and Canada, reports 650 million adults and 135 million children and adolescents as obese worldwide.

    As of 2016, 16% of British Columbians are obese, making it the province with the lowest rate of obesity in Canada. The Northwest Territories have the highest obesity rate, at 33.7%. [6]"

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