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Thread: Recommendations/links for backseat bench covers.

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    Recommendations/links for backseat bench covers.

    Hi guys! Well as many of you know, I drive uber on the side when Im not at the clinic or bartending. Im tired of passengers ****ing up my seats. I got two great chilean blanket seat covers for the front but cant seem to find any that fit the back bench. Ive tried universal crap from Walmart but its always too big. Any links to something not too expensive that others use on here?

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    I've been happy with my front seat covers from Dash Design. Their front & rear seat covers are a custom fit. This is the first time I have bought custom covers, & they are holding up very well. I have the genuine neoprene, but they have many types of fabrics to pick from. may be the best source to purchase these. They usually sell them cheaper than factory direct.,1316

    These may not be your cheapest option, & I didn't purchase the rear ones. I hardly ever have passengers in the back. Since purchasing my Mirage, I've only had a passenger in back once or twice. Most of the time, my rear seats are flipped down.

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    In Canada the store Canadian Tire sells waterproof neoprene covers for about $35 for the front set and $25 for the bench. Now, they're not a perfect fit but.....with some velcro and heavy thread and 30 minutes of your time you can mount them as if they were a custom fit. My 9 year has spilled her share of water, juice and some chocolate milk and the covers saved the bench.

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