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Thread: What's next?

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    What's next?

    The Prius family is getting cheaper, Mazda is putting SkyActiv on most of its models, Honda is making an affordable hybrid Fit (Japan only at present), the Fiesta Ecoboost may come out soon . . .

    In a year or two from now - will other manufactures have an answer to the Mirage and create a niche in their line ups that matches the affordable+fuel efficient equation of the Mirage?

    It seems there are several "global" cars that are not truly global - more small diesels, more mini-cars, and more low-priced cars that are not available in North America. I think the other makers could bring them here if they saw the demand.

    Any speculation?


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    Diesel are natural gas. Back in the day, it provided a good torque for the motor but wasn't clean burning until newer TDI engines.

    toyota has gone cheaper.. and cheaper and cheaper over the years. Ford's finally becoming eco friendly and also mazda with whatever they have.

    But ive been in the automotive market a lot recently and ive noticed that more compact vehicles are hitting north america, or US atleast.

    Even the Luxury car manuf, are getting into the tiny mobile industry. Example, Mercedes Benz CLA. 2014 spring or fall, audi introduces the new A3 ( 5door and 4door sedan, and e-tron, TDI versions). As a matter of fact, the Smart car ( also mercedes)

    So i guess for the US market, more compact , tiny , golf cart vehicles are hitting the market.

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