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Quite well. This past April I purchased a Nissan Leaf as a second car, which I use for my wintertime money hustles. (Delivering pizza, driving Uber/Lyft). Since April, the Mirage only gets used for business purposes, and it has done perfectly fine. The combination of towing and use of the air conditioner really murders the gas mileage, but besides that gripe, the car is still great. I’m on my original tires, rotated regularly. Doing oil changes with Mobil 1 full synthetic about every 6,000 miles.

It is nice to keep the mess in one car, and have a “nice” car to keep clean and free of mess. Still, I love my little Mirage and plan on keeping her as a little three cylinder pickup truck for a long time.
Hey RapidRick! Good to hear your Mirage is still working for you. It looked like your last post was clear back in January 2017 so thanks for the update and hope you'll keep us updated!