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Thread: My LED journey has begun for 2014/2017 Mirages

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    My LED journey has begun for 2014/2017 Mirages

    1. (A) 2017: Sealight H4/9004 headlights;,
    to be installed this week Name:  sealight h4.jpg
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Size:  80.1 KB

    (B) 2014: Alunar H4/9004 headlights;
    to be installed this week Name:  alunar.jpg
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Size:  15.3 KB

    2. 2014: Sealight H11/H8 foglights;
    to be installed this week

    3. Kafeek W5W;
    installed in headlight pods (2 per side), licence plate lights (2), cargo light (per car x 2) Name:  kafeek.jpg
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    4. WLJH DE3175;
    dome light 1 pc (per car x 2)

    5. EECOO interior lights;
    1 set per car Name:  eecoo interior.jpg
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    I still need to receive my smoke LED side markers and my DE3175 bulb rear seat dome lights. The last LED conversion will be finding a 2017 set of LED tail lamps and retrofitting them into my 2014. Any remaining bulbs on both cars are going to left as is for awhile. I'll add pictures later as time permits.

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